Management of Non-Performing Credits: Harpalis’ Collaboration with AD Advisory

During the National Meeting of Harpalis held in Bologna on June 23rd, we had the pleasure to announce our new collaboration with AD ADvisory S.p.A., a leader in the purchase and management of non-performing credits, holding license 115 TULPS.

During the event, the CEO of AD Advisory, Dr. Luca D’Ormea, presented the company and its services – which you can explore further in the video interview below.

Over the years, AD ADvisory has developed an extensive network of contacts in the non-performing credit sector, establishing agreements for the acquisition and write-off of distressed credits, primarily single-name credits.

The main activities that the company primarily deals with include:

  • To bring assets and companies that are burdened by liens and executive procedures back to sound financial condition (‘in bonis’) through the acquisition of non-performing loans (NPLs) from banks. Specifically, for the credit acquisition, the Company issues Participative Financial Instruments (SFP) with a tailored regulation that allows the Investor to recover any cash flow generated from the credit management process.
  • Facilitating the management and, therefore, the certification of recovery plans pursuant to Article 56 of the Corporate Crisis Code.
  • Operation rent to buy

The union of AD Advisory’s established experience and Harpalis’ multidisciplinary approach results in a synergy ready to offer increasingly comprehensive and effective solutions to our clients.

For further information about AD Advisory and the services they offer, we invite you to visit their website: To discuss how this collaboration can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to contact our team at 055 210432 or via email at

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