ISE Announcement 2023 – Investments in Occupational Safety and Corporate Sustainability

Investments in Workplace Safety and Corporate Sustainability

Attention towards workplace safety and regulatory compliance is becoming increasingly central for modern businesses. In this context, a significant opportunity arises to promote a responsible and sustainable corporate culture.

INAIL has launched the Call for ISi 2023, a public notice aimed at funding investments in health and safety at work, in compliance with legislative decree no. 81 of 2008 and law no. 208 of 2015. The main objective is to incentivize companies to improve the health and safety conditions of workers, also encouraging micro and small businesses in the agricultural sector to adopt innovative solutions to reduce pollutant emissions, improve sustainability, and decrease accident risks.

The integration of these aspects can bring numerous tangible benefits:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Prevention
  • Corporate Sustainability

Here is the link to the Ise Announcement 2023 

Funding Recipients

Businesses, including sole proprietorships, located in any region/province and registered with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts, and Agriculture (CCIAA), can access the funding by submitting their application on the INAIL portal. Furthermore, third sector entities defined by legislative decrees can participate in specific types of interventions to reduce risks related to manual handling of people.

Types of Allowed Projects

The fundable projects are divided into five funding axes:

  • Reduction of Technopathic Risks
  • Adoption of Organizational Models and Social Responsibility
  • Reduction of Accident Risks
  • Decontamination from Asbestos-containing Materials
  • Projects for Micro and Small Businesses in the Agricultural Sector


Economic Resources and Financing Methods

The resources allocated by INAIL are distributed by region/province and by specific funding axes. The funding can cover up to 65% or 80% of eligible expenses, depending on the axis and the type of recipient. The amount of funding varies from a minimum of €5,000 to a maximum of €130,000.

Practical Tips for Accessing Financing

Before submitting the application for the financing of the ISi 2023 Call, companies should follow some practical tips to maximize the opportunities offered by INAIL:

  • Identify Specific Needs: It is crucial to pinpoint areas where improvement in health and safety conditions at work is necessary to propose targeted projects.
  • Develop a Detailed Plan: Clear objectives, realistic timelines, and measurable success indicators should be established to monitor the effectiveness of the project.
  • Comply with Regulatory Requirements: Ensure that proposed projects are in compliance with current regulations. 
  • Submit comprehensive documentation illustrating the proposed project, expected benefits, implementation plan, and envisaged monitoring.
  • Meet Deadlines: Keep in mind the opening and closing dates of the online procedure for submitting the application.
  • Seek Specialized Support: If necessary, involve experienced professionals in the field for proper design and implementation.
  • Constant Monitoring: After the approval of the funding, it’s essential to continually monitor the progress of the project, gather feedback from involved workers, and make necessary adjustments.

To assist businesses in preparing to participate in funding and implementing targeted projects to improve workplace health and safety, Harpalis provides specialized and integrated support to guide the company through the entire process, thanks to its numerous highly qualified professionals.

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