To increase mutual value with customers and partners


The new SME consultancy network

Harpalis was formed to meet companies’ needs. In a scenario that is divided between the big – Anglo-Saxon – names of international consultancy and independent Italian organisations, there is a need for a leading figure that brings people together and thrives on the sharing of their respective expertise to expand supporting activities in order to assume a strategic role in advising SMEs.


Work together

At Harpalis, we work together with partners and customers. Our mission: to bring together the experience and industry specialisations of the professionals who have joined the network, providing a comprehensive and integrated service to promote growth and evolution.


The power of harmony

Harpalis combines the words “harp” and “polis”to express the network’s defining principle: the power of harmony. Each member maintains their own “tone” but collaborates in harmony with partners and customers as part of a well-balanced system of alliances in which all stakeholders benefit.