Harpalis supports companies so that they are better positioned to face the evolution of the market through multidisciplinary skills and consolidated experience, to offer a complete and high-quality service.


Maximize the value of your transactions with our expert team. We guide mergers and acquisitions for the success of your business.

Expand your business beyond national borders with our support. We are your partner for successful internationalization.

Optimize your financial structure with our tailored solutions. We support your business with high-level financial consultancy.

We defend your legal interests with determination and expertise. We tackle legal challenges with winning strategies.


With targeted ESG strategies, we help you generate long-term value, mitigate risks, and enhance your corporate reputation.

We manage human resources with precision and care. We offer customized solutions for your needs in terms of work and benefits.

We resolve business crises with effective and innovative solutions, overcoming challenges and restoring corporate stability with a tailored plan for each client.

Gain competitive advantages with our targeted consultancy. We develop winning business strategies for your long-term success.

We guide your transition towards a sustainable energy future with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Maximize the potential of your real estate assets with our expertise. We stand by your side for successful real estate transactions.

We accomplish your social missions with commitment and passion. We support non-profit organizations in achieving their goals.

We protect your family assets by offering tailored advice for private clients and family businesses.

Harpalis is the new Italian professional integration project

Harpalis integrates selected law firms, accountants and consultants working within Italy by creating an ecosystem of professionals specialised in different sectors to respond to companies’ needs.