The strength of our network, the value of individual professionalism


Italian consulting network

Harpalis is the new Italian professional integration project that brings together lawyers, accountants and labour consultants in an ecosystem of excellence where all the stakeholders collaborate to create tangible value for SMEs and to provide an integrated, complete and competitive offer on the market.


A single multidisciplinary interlocutor

SMEs are today at the center of the evolution of the Italian economic system because they represent an important share of the country’s GDP and wealth. Harpalis is the new point of reference for entrepreneurs, companies and organizations that are looking for complete assistance. The multidisciplinarity of the network allows you to reduce time, optimize costs and improve effectiveness.


Harpalis People

People are at the heart of the innovative Harpalis project. People who choose to direct their skills and experience to serve companies whatever their professional service needs.

The Harpalis network is constantly expanding and its strength lies precisely in the ability to combine recognized independent professionals specialized in market and business areas located in certain selected areas of the national territory, with a view to “professional biodiversity”.