Mergers & acquisition

Some of the services provided by the Mergers & Acquisitions Focus Team include managing the implications of financing needs and/or the financial structure of the transaction, labour law issues, and the tax aspects of the transaction.

The data and specialized research clearly demonstrate that companies involved in Mergers and Acquisitions experience increases in profits and revenue growth compared to their competitors who do not embark on this path. These ongoing M&A activities, pursued with a well-defined long-term strategy, act as a catalyst for corporate growth.

In Italy, the entrepreneurial landscape is often characterized by small-sized companies, which can negatively impact overall competitiveness. This condition can translate into limited investments in research and development, lower internationalization capacity, and reduced attractiveness for qualified managers. To overcome these challenges, it is crucial for M&A operations to overcome cultural barriers and effectively spread among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The best way to do this is by sharing best practices and successful case studies with entrepreneurs, demonstrating to them the tangible value that these operations can bring.

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    Due diligence
    Leveraged buyout (LBO) / Management buyout (MBO)
    Private equity fund assistance
    Organization and sourcing of bank and alternative financing
    Capital raising (including for startups and innovative SMEs)
    Project financing
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