Environmental - Social - Governance

Businesses are adopting ESG strategies to enhance their perceived value, reduce operational and legal risks, and meet consumer expectations.

The current context regarding ESG for Italian businesses reflects a growing attention towards environmental, social, and governance sustainability. According to recent studies, 59% of Italian businesses have established an ESG/Sustainability Committee, with higher percentages in sectors such as healthcare and transportation. Agricultural, tourism, construction, and real estate companies show lower levels of adaptation to ESG criteria compared to sectors such as mechanical engineering and transportation.

Furthermore, the Italian government is committed to the SDGs of the Agenda 2030 to support SMEs with innovative solutions and sustainable technologies. The transition towards an ESG-oriented company offers significant benefits, involving not only large enterprises but also SMEs. European regulations and institutional investors show a growing demand for sustainable investment strategies, highlighting the need to accelerate the adoption of environmental, social, and governance solutions.

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    Materials Used and Packaging
    Management of Water Resources
    Management of Water Resources
    Energy Consumption and Emissions


    Gender Equality Certification
    Health and Safety in the Workplace
    Training and Skills Development
    Corporate Welfare and Compensation Policies


    GAP analysis
    Organizational Model
    Corporate Code of Conduct and Governance Functions
    Architecture of Business Functions
    Corporate Welfare and Compensation Policies
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