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The nonprofit sector in Italy represents a vital and growing part of the country's economy, with a strong focus on social issues and a significant impact on the community.

In recent years, the sector has experienced steady growth, with the number of nonprofit institutions (INPs) increasing by over 20% between 2011 and 2021. According to Istat, in 2020, there were 363,499 active INPs in Italy, employing a total of 870,183 people. The nonprofit activities in Italy are diverse and wide-ranging, encompassing areas such as healthcare, education, social services, and cultural and recreational activities.

The INPs often collaborate with various entities, including other INPs, public institutions, and private companies, to achieve their goals and address social issues. The sector also benefits from the contribution of over 6 million volunteers, whose activities significantly enhance the impact of nonprofit organizations.
Despite the growth and importance of the nonprofit sector, there are still challenges to be addressed.

Service Profile

    Our Services

    Sustainability Report
    Protection of crimes in administrative liability of entities
    Reorganization Projects
    Consulting for accessing public funding and project financing
    Support in transitioning from financial accounting to economic accounting
    Development and adaptation of management control systems
    Preparation of plans, budgets, corporate reporting systems, financial statements, social or mission statements.
    Analysis and resolution of tax issues for non-profit entities
    Preparation of tax returns and other compliance requirements
    Tax litigation management
    Impact responsibility

    Our Services

    It involves the preparation of a sustainability report that highlights the economic, social, and environmental performance of an organization.

    Harpalis offers services for the protection of entities from crimes within their administrative liability.

    Harpalis assists in reorganization projects to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

    Harpalis provides guidance on accessing public funding and project financing.

    Harpalis supports organizations in transitioning from financial accounting to economic accounting practices.

    Harpalis helps develop and adapt management control systems for better operational oversight.

    Harpalis assists in the preparation of various financial documents and reports for organizations.

    The company analyzes and resolves tax issues for non-profit entities

    Harpalis assists in the preparation of tax returns and compliance with other tax obligations

    Harpalis manages tax litigation on behalf of organizations.

    Harpalis supports nonprofit organizations in addressing impact responsibilities

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