The study conducted by Del Grande Ninci Associati of the Harpalis network supports N.E. Engineering in the investment by Pragma Invest

Pragma Invest, an investment company, has announced with satisfaction its new investment in the capital of N.E. Engineering S.p.A., one of the leading operators specialized in the design and construction of machinery for complex intralogistics solutions, mainly intended for the corrugated cardboard industry.

N.E. Engineering S.p.A. was supported in structuring the operation and tax consultancy by the partners of Harpalis, the chartered accountants David and Emanuele Ninci from Del Grande Ninci Associati Studio based in Lucca.

To learn more:Pragma Invest (Nova Capital) invests in NE Engineering, a specialist in machinery for the logistics of the corrugated cardboard industry – BeBeez.

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