Team strength: 68% of professionals in Italy have developed alliances with clear improvements in performance

The Italian consultancy sector is predominantly characterised by small firms.

The sample surveys carried out bythe Osservatorio Professionisti e Innovazione Digitale (Professionals and Digital Innovation Observatory) of the Politecnico di Milano have shown that 58% of the accountant, lawyer and labour consultant firms interviewed recorded an increase in turnover, and a more in-depth analysis has found that of these, 68% achieve this by implementing a collaborative strategy..

It is therefore proven by the economic data that applying a working method capable of conveying a proposal for multidisciplinary services allows professionals to seize new opportunities for growth, including those organised into micro-firms. Involvement of different professional skills, sharing of opportunities for collaboration and creation of an organisational structure that makes it possible to coordinate the burden of responsibility are all elements that serve to qualify the concept of professional aggregation, enabling investments in technology and training to be shared and streamlined, marking a new frontier of innovation for the business services market.

The Osservatorio Professionisti also highlighted a growing trend of investments in the ICT sector by many of the professional firms, investments that reached 1,758 million euros in 2021: the priorities for 2023 include the implementation of a company website (10%) and professional social network profiles (7%), as well as software for management control and documentation management in electronic form (5%).

This was confirmed by the words of Vittorio Colao, the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation, at the conference held in Rome on 28 June, organised by Confprofessionisti and The European House.His speech highlighted the key points every association body must aim towards in order to evolve towards digitalisation and corporate culture: training new professionals in the IT sector, adopting work models compatible with the needs of professionals and understanding that unions provide strength. The possibilities that an aggregating entity can offer its members are greater than an individual firm.

Harpalis – the new Italian consulting network – has anticipated the trend of collaborative culture by centering their strategy on a multidisciplinary approach that unites professionals with great experience in national and international markets. In addition, a significant investment has been made in an innovative cloud platform that is at the heart of the project: a sharing space in which people can coordinate, exchange ideas and work together.

The network is now present in many Italian geographical areas and is constantly expanding in order to be increasingly competitive with a view to “professional biodiversity”, with the aim of allowing partners and customers to grow and innovate.

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