Marco Simion (Harpalis Network partner) took part in the Giellepi – Biofarma deal.

Marco Simion (Harpalis Network partner) participated as a strong legal advisor in a significant acquisition operation carried out by Biofarma towards Giellepi’s Finished Products division.

From the article by Legal Community:

“Giellepi Spa and Biofarma Group have finalized the acquisition of Giellepi’s Finished Products division by Biofarma through a business branch transfer operation. With this deal, Giellepi and Biofarma Group announce a partnership to compete at the European level in the Health-Care products market.

In this transaction, Giellepi was assisted by Gabriele Cappellini, Giovanni Braccini, and Vieri Spadoni from Nobel Partners Advisory, serving as financial advisors, lawyer Marco Simion from Harpalis law firm as legal advisor, and Daniele Corno from Corno Fraschini for accounting and tax matters.

Biofarma Group Giellepi was assisted by Antonio Flores, Pietro Romiati, and Omar Gori from Cassiopea Partners, lawyers Matteo Delucchi, Giulia Sannino, and Andrea Mossa from the law firm Giovannelli e Associati as legal advisors, while Michele Aprile and Daniel Canola from the law firm Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici handled tax and fiscal aspects. Deloitte handled the financial and tax due diligence, with a team led by Marco Bastasin for financial aspects and Mario De Blasi for tax aspects.

The two entities, which have always invested in human capital, the quality of their products, and technological innovation, will combine their excellence and expertise in the medical devices and “science-based” supplements sector to further support the growth of their customers.

Giellepi, while maintaining its current shareholders’ structure and managerial organization, will continue to operate in the raw materials market, structuring the distribution of its branded ingredients in a more effective and efficient manner. It will also continue to invest in innovation and proprietary clinical studies.

The division of Giellepi acquired by Biofarma Group and renamed “International Health Science” allows the entire Group to strengthen its presence in the international market with “ready to market” products that come with comprehensive clinical studies.

With this operation, Biofarma Group aims to promote the essential relationship between the scientific world, research, and the industrial sector to offer its customers increasingly innovative products and services validated through scientific experimentation.

Furthermore, Biofarma Group will further strengthen its R&D, regulatory, and commercial structure with new specific expertise in medical devices for European and Asian markets.


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