Dr. David Ninci, from the Harpalis network, once again alongside Italia Technology Alliance (A. Celli Group) for the acquisition of Sadas.

The expansion of Italia Technology Alliance continues, encompassing a series of companies manufacturing industrial machinery and technological solutions for the paper, tissue, and non-woven fabric markets, as well as other companies involved in digital development, IoT, machine learning, and A.I. The group welcomes Sadas S.r.l, a company based in Lucca and founded in 2005, specializing in system integration solutions and automation and electrification of industrial plants.

In support of the acquiring company, once again, Dr. David Ninci, a partner in the Harpalis network and a certified public accountant and statutory auditor at the Del Grande Ninci Associati firm, based in Lucca.

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Italia Technology Alliance (A.Celli Group) acquires Sadas (acelli.it)

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