Free meeting – “The new discipline on business crisis”

Harpalis, in collaboration with CNA Firenze, the association that represents over 8,000 artisans, small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed workers in the province of Florence, is organizing the first of a series of free meetings dedicated to studying the recent regulatory changes on the crisis enterprise and the improvement of relations between banks and companies. […]

Inglese Tokenizzazione e Collateral: l’impatto del Decreto Fintech sui processi di fusione e acquisizione (M&A) Tokenization and Collateral: the impact of the Fintech Decree on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) processes

Discover how tokenization is redefining the approach to M&A processes, opening up new opportunities in the financial landscape. On May 15, the Decree Law 25/2023, known as the Fintech Decree, was converted into law, introducing a series of innovations in the field of digital financial instruments. Among these, the tokenization emerges as a concept destined […]

Forecasts and Objectives: How Budgeting Can Help Plan the Future of the Company

Plan, coordinate, and measure performance to minimize risks and achieve business objectives. The budget is not just a superficial document but a fundamental tool for every business that aims to achieve success. Every company needs clear objectives and the ability to measure its performance. But knowing where you want to go is not enough: you […]

Crisis as a virus: how a single company can overwhelm an entire industry.

Protecting your business from the threat of financial cascade in an interconnected world. Di contatti, contagi e trasmissioni, ne abbiamo avuto esperienza diretta durante la pandemia. E la crisi di un settore presenta caratteristiche di sviluppo simili. Come illustrato nel recente paper ‘Financial Contagion in Network Economies and Asset Prices’ di Andrea Buraschi e Claudio […]

Dr. David Ninci, from the Harpalis network, once again alongside Italia Technology Alliance (A. Celli Group) for the acquisition of Sadas.

The expansion of Italia Technology Alliance continues, encompassing a series of companies manufacturing industrial machinery and technological solutions for the paper, tissue, and non-woven fabric markets, as well as other companies involved in digital development, IoT, machine learning, and A.I. The group welcomes Sadas S.r.l, a company based in Lucca and founded in 2005, specializing […]

Taking inspiration from golf to prevent a business crisis.

On the field and in business, strategic organization is the winning weapon? Golf, a game that may seem far removed from the business world, can actually provide insights for CEOs, managers, or entrepreneurs on how to prevent a crisis. In golf, indeed, clubs are chosen based on the situation and the adopted strategy, just like […]

“Tax Rectifications” – The Contribution of Harpalis Partner

Dr. Giacomo Monti, Partner at Harpalis, has contributed to the drafting of the new instant book by Sole 24 ORE titled “Tax Rectifications,” providing significant insights on advertising and representation expenses, as well as on write-downs and credit losses.


The leading company always moves first. Embarking on a journey to obtain a gender equality certification is the ideal opportunity to distinguish oneself from competitors and enhance credibility with stakeholders, reaping tangible benefits such as specific contribution exemptions and incentives in tenders, notices, and invitations. For this reason, Harpalis provides a personalized multidisciplinary consulting service […]


Professor Stefano Dorigo, a partner of the Harpalis Network, will participate as a teacher in the first edition of the Advanced Course in Criminal Tax Law organized by the Department of Legal Sciences of the University of Florence, starting on March 10, 2023. Diritto-Penale-Tributario-Corso-di-perfezionamento-e-alta-formazioneDownload